Portland, Ore. (Oct. 11, 2018) – Point S Tire & Auto Service is launching an exclusive rebate on Michelin tires at over 200 of their locations nationwide. Earlier this year, Michelin joined Point S USA as one of their Preferred Tire Partners.

During the 3-week period (Oct. 11 – 31, 2018), Point S customers can save $70 when they purchase any set of four MICHELIN® tires. This comes during the seasonal peak tire changeover season and highlights Michelin’s commitment to Point S USA.

“We are always looking for ways to promote our fantastic Preferred Partners and Michelin offering this rebate is a great opportunity to give our Owners more competitive strength across our Groups Membership and at the store level. Another great example of how our Group leverages the influence of our Stores to help independent dealers compete, grow, and win with their customers every day,” said Walter Lybeck, CEO of Point S USA.

“Through our cooperative structure, Point S provides a unique opportunity for retail tire stores to maintain their independence and receive the benefits of worldwide brands. These benefits extend to the stores’ customers and improve the stores’ bottom line. Add world-class local service and you’ve got a recipe for sustained success. The adaptable nature of our stores’ Owners and their support of our Groups decisions welcomes great opportunities like this with Michelin,” added Clint Young, Director of Sales & Business Development at Point S USA.

“At Michelin, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality products. We are excited that our values intersect with Point S’s, which results in an exclusive rebate for their customers,” said Jill Weis; B2C Zone Director of Sales, Northwest.

From Oct. 11 – 31, 2018, Point S customers save $70 on any set of four MICHELIN® tires. From Nov. 1 – 21, 2018, the savings continue to BFGoodrich® tires with $70 of a set of four tires. These 6 weeks is the perfect time for customers to prepare their vehicles for the changing road conditions and save on premium, Tier 1 tires.