Your crown must feel heavy right now.

As business owners, the buck stops with us.

What Point S Owners know, is that while they’re still wearing their crown, they have the support and resources to take the weight off of their shoulders. If there’s one thing we know at Point S, it’s that even though you’re an independent owner, you’re not alone. 

Our response to operating in these difficult times has been proactive. Our Owners have built their businesses on principles of community and transparency. It’s during times like these where those principles need to be stronger than ever. 

That’s because as a Point S Owner, you get a membership – access to not just world-class buying power and payment terms, but a collection of likeminded business Owners that care about your success. People that intimately care about your business – not because they have to or because there’s a franchise agreement – but because it’s what you would do for your family. 

You’re making a lot of hard decisions right now. Staffing. Hours. Invoicing. Marketing. These are unprecedented times for our industry. The last thing you want is to make those decisions alone. Let’s talk. We’re happy to share how we’ve been monitoring and marketing through today’s climate. We’ve built market-specific responses that each Owner can use and deploy in their market.

Together, we can ride these challenges together. See the Point S difference. 


Jim Richards

[email protected]