Here they grow again: Point S up to 336 locations

Those numbers reflect the number of new locations, the number of new states (the three M’s: Maine, Michigan, Maryland) with a Point S location, and the number of years into the marketing group’s five-year strategic vision.

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Point S Achieves Record Expansion in 2023

Point S USA added a record number of new stores in 2023 — 69 — and expanded
into three new states: Michigan, Maine and Maryland. The pace puts the group
ahead of schedule in its goal of becoming a 500-store cooperative by 2028.

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Point S Plans to Nearly Double Store Total in 5 Years

Co-op Wants 500 Stores in 50 States Point S tire dealers in the U.S. closed the 2022 books with a 10% increase in sales and a multi-faceted plan to keep those increases coming in the future. That plan includes rolling out the welcome mat for new dealers who are looking for buying power, but aren’t…

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Point S Executives Speak on How They Plan to Keep Winning

If you’re on a ship sailing the high seas and get caught in a storm, you have two options. The first is to stay put, batten down the hatches and retreat all crew members to the lower decks in hopes that this will all blow over soon. The second is to rev the engines and…

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Point S launches aggressive growth plan

The Point S Tire and Automotive Service USA group of tire dealers may be celebrating the cooperative’s 40th anniversary this year, but another number is equally as important….

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Point S Creates Programs That Invest In Independents

Imagine a line graph where the line extends so far up and to the right that bells sound and confetti inexplicably falls from the sky – that’s where Point S lives. In 2021, total sales dollars across Point S locations were up 24% from 2020. Same-store growth was up 15%. The co-op added 20 new members last…

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Point S Has Doubled Sales in 5 Years

Originally Published in Modern Tire Dealer, February 1, 2022, by Joy Kopcha For the fifth straight year, Point S tire dealers in the U.S. recorded double-digit growth in tire unit sales. In 2021, units were up 17%. In dollars, sales increased 24% compared to 2020. Some of that increase can be attributed to higher tire…

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Your crown must feel heavy right now.

As business owners, the buck stops with us. What Point S Owners know, is that while they’re still wearing their crown, they have the support and resources to take the weight off of their shoulders. If there’s one thing we know at Point S, it’s that even though you’re an independent owner, you’re not alone.  Our response to…

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Walter Lybeck, CEO of Point S USA, says he expects the group's dealers to top their record results from last year in 2020.

Point S Dealers Increase Sales by 10% — Again

By Joy Kopcha – Posted on February 24, 2020. Originally published at Nineteen new U.S. stores started flying the Point S banner in 2019, and they helped the group increase its sales by 10% for the second year in a row. Clint Young, chief operating officer, says 2019 “was our most successful year of…

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Steve Helstrom Talking About Point S With A Presentation Screen In Background

Point S 2020 Dealer Conference: Focus On Technology To Fuel Success

Point S USA added 19 stores in four new states last year with a focus in 2020 on recruitment and building technological muscle for dealer success. By Madeleine Winer on February 25, 2020. Originally published at More than doubling the size of its Dealer Conference just two years ago, Point S USA welcomed over 350 dealers…

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